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Introducing knowlo, an open source, transparent experiment in education and community with a mission to proliferate knowledge.

What does that mean? Mostly, we want to help more people know more things.

We think that development of a perspective that is both wide and deep paired with a grounding in empiricism, critical thinking, and knowledge of the hard-earned and astounding facts of nature enables us to understand ourselves, the human condition, and the cosmos through a more objective and insightful lens.

Knowledge rooted in an understanding of the evidence is an antidote to ideology.

From quantum mechanics and relativity to sociology and economic theory, we think humanity has uncovered insights that deserve to be understood…too many people sell themselves short on what they think they can understand and we aim to help change that by cataloging the most extraordinary insights and collecting the best resources to teach them.

We’re constructing the Knowlo Curriculum, frameworks for organizing our thinking about the cosmos, and the Knowlo Library, a bespoke digital tool for curating, organizing, and absorbing the best educational resources.

We want to turn knowlo into a locus of conversation and action around science and critical thinking. Our current goal is to form a self-sustaining global community of learners, educators, and knowledge advocates working together to help raise the bar for what can be considered common knowledge.

To do that, we need your help! If you’ve got skills and passion, drop us a line (use the subject line “I’ve got skills”). To stay in the loop as we develop our road map, sign up for our mailing list and follow us on instagram and facebook. You can also support knowlo financially by becoming a contributor.To learn more about what knowlo is today, we’re headed, and how we plan to get there, check out our nutshell, nuts-and-bolts, principles, and curriculum.

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