Knowlo Principals

Principals provide an orientation and trajectory to Knowlo’s development. They also serve as a filter for the types of people that get involved- they are meant to select for individuals that have an intrinsic motivation to steward the development of the organization.

Default to Transparency

Unless there is a good reason to keep something private, it is open. Aside from reasonable concerns over member’s private information and other sensitive data (as deemed by the community), everything is available for all to see. While organization and presentation of some facets require further development, transparency with knowlo includes:

Member Driven

All decisions regarding future development are in the hands of the community and will be taken in the form of community-defined weighted voting.

Everything from what features should be developed (and how they’re prioritized) to the logo, name, and even the mission is ultimately defined by the community.

Though knowlo has been seeded with some direction, it’s better thought of as an organization version of the game 1000 Blank White Cards.

No Cost Barriers | Proportional Subscription

There is no cost to join Knowlo as a member and finances will never be a barrier to someone’s ability to take part in the community.

However, Knowlo does aim to be financially self-sustaining.

Knowlo suggests members sign-up for a monthly subscription equal to 1/1000th – 1/500th of their income.

Your Principals Here

Being community driven means taking shape in any way the community sees fit- including adopting new practices, procedures, and principles that are deemed worthy. Drop us a line.